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The Process

(Step 1) Initial consultation call

In this initial phone call, I’ll spend 15 minutes learning about what your most urgent needs are and your long term goals, then setting a time (in the next 5 days) to review my findings on how we can help you.

(Step 2) Draft of 12 month Strategic plan

On this call, we’ll be digging into a strategic marketing plan I put together for your company and what I recommend happen to help your company boost traffic & revenues in the immediate and long term.

(Step 3) engagement options

At this point in the process, you would have had the chance to view your strategic plan, I will then invite you to engage with me through 3 different working options, of which you choose then we dance from there.

Call: 562-444-5620

about me

Rob Pene, MAR, MA.Ed

I love to teach and coach, I enjoy marketing, and what excites me the most is the idea of supporting your mission and vision to make your highest impact on your ideal audience.

“My mission is to serve and encourage your mission!” @RobPene

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Engagement Packages

strategic plan (one time fee)

12 month marketing plan

This strategic marketing plan will consist of each month broken down into specific optimization strategies design to help bosot your traffic and revenue.

12 month contract (Long Term)

Monthly consultation

If you choose to have me and my team execute on the strategic marketing plan we built for you, we’ll be able to handle every and all aspects of the tactical implementation of the plan.

Group coaching (monthly Fee)

Monthly sessions

In our monthly coaching sessions, we invite all to join in our webinars, live sessions, and digital coworking sessions. We take your questions, create strategies and show you how to implement it on your own.

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Please leave me a message with your specific questions, comments, or concerns you might have and I will respond in 24 hours or less.