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About Us

Welcome to Mission Driven Brand, LLC, your trusted source for all things marketing, sales, and optimization. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best growth marketing strategies accompanied with innovative tactics designed for conversions. Additionally, we invite you to follow us on social media for a deeper look into our overall business approach.

Founded in 2010 by Rob Pene, Mission Driven Brand, LLC has come a long way from its beginnings on the kitchen counter. When Keilani was born (the first of four children), Rob was a high school 9th grade teacher implementing online strategies in his classroom.

Prior to teaching, he was on the road traveling across the country speaking and teaching in a variety of settings. Rob learned how to be his own booking agent, marketing specialist, event planner, sales director, and copywriter.

While on paternity leave, he would build websites from the kitchen counter with Keilani in his left arm and the computer mouse in his right. He decided to leave the classroom and go full time with online marketing when Nick (second child) was born a year later.

When Rob first started, his passion was to serve the local business community. He spoke at different networking groups, real estate brokerages, and chamber of commerce groups. This led to projects, more teaching opportunities outside of the South Bay and larger regional trainings in other states for companies like Mercedes Benz and A&E.

From tweet blitzes to #lunchisonme stunts, Rob has organized creative initiatives to generate attention, activity, and leads for various clients. Working hard, thinking outside the box, and innovative problem solving are characteristics that solidify Rob’s approach to business.

With the addition of twins, Rob has become more efficient with time and productivity.  As a natural teacher, he has taught the children to be valuable contributors to the mission and vision of the company. They provide him with the necessary energy, ideas, and laughs which sparks creativity that finds its way to campaigns that captivate customers to action.

Mission Driven Brand, LLC is a consultancy poised to serve and encourage your mission while creating simple solutions for a sustainable business growth system. Our team of experts will provide you with the tools to grow in all areas of your sales and marketing.

We have served customers all over the country including some around the globe in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.  We’re thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into an offer directly related to the bottom line for companies.

Thank you for visiting, we’re glad you’re here. 

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The MDB Team

The Mission Driven Team

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Mission Driven Values

Our approach to business is deeply rooted in the values we operate by.  We hold ourselves to a high standard and expect the same from the customers we serve.  Here are our core values:


We embrace feedback & courageous conversations


We value relationships and nurture accordingly


Seek to understand by listening first and speaking after


Every successful venture requires a little sacrifice


Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor by one person