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Communication Degree: The Gateway to Your Future

Bachelor of Communication, It’s One Simple Degree That Can Help You Land Jobs in a Variety of Occupations

Whether you decide to work in Media, including online or print, marketing, journalism, public relations or you decide to try your hand at tackling the silver screen, a degree in communications will give you the tools you need to navigate a mass variety of industries occupations and positions. 

Bachelor of Communications majors study mass media, technical communications, and advertising, and can learn how to write press releases, long-form articles, and technical documents.

If you’re unsure what the difference is between long-form articles and technical documents, don’t worry we’ll break it down for you.

It Might Be Simple in Concept, but the Tools You’ll Attain Will Prepare You for Anything 

Long-form articles are this. What you’re reading. A simple informative text provides information in a communicative, and easy-to attain manner. 

Having a Bachelor of Communications will help you be able to write effectively and efficiently no matter if you’re writing a long-form email, writing an informational proposal for your company, or writing a proposal pitching your manuscript to a potential publisher. 

Utilizing the tools you attain inside the classroom while earning your degree will help you not only be a boss but a boss with words, confidence, and assertiveness. 

Technical documentation, much like long-form articles is the form of being able to compile communicative text in the form of memos, graphics, flyers, reports, newsletters, and presentations.

But not only that, you’ll be able to construct web pages, brochures, proposals, instructions, reviews, press releases, specifications, instruction handbooks, style guides, agendas and so much more.

Truly making these two focuses of the degree so vital to your future in whatever job you want to attain! Speaking of jobs, let’s explore what kind of job you can get with communications. 

The Magic Wand of Degrees

Between the 1930s and the 1950s began at Columbia University the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois, where Paul F. Lazasfeld, Harold Lasswell, and Wilbur Scramm worked, and since then the degree has evolved and blossomed under so many more pioneers who have taken the mantle of its mission and driven it into what its known as today, and with that, the credibility of the degree has blossomed. 

So let’s compare for the sake of educational purposes how attaining the degree of Communications would affect you, in the top three ranking jobs of a Communication degree. 

Number One: 

  • If you are wanting to be in Public Relations, attaining a degree in Communications landing a top-tiered position in this growing job field you’ll be earning an estimated $69k a year 

Number Two: 

  • Another coveted position as an editor, whether it be of a publishing house, or a magazine, or newspaper you’re looking at an estimated $61k a year, that is with some proven writing under your belt 

and a recommended creative writing course as well, you’re looking at a highly competitive career, which leads us to Number Three: of the top three positions that are highly sought after with a Communications degree, writer. 

Remarkably the lowest of the salary bracket, and admittedly the hardest niche to tackle but with the degree on your side and with proven writing skills you’re looking at making a salary of $40k on the low side starting out, but you could look at earning more as you become more established in your craft. 

But don’t let any of this limit you from earning this gateway degree here’s why.

Your Crystal Ball Is How You Use Your Degree

If you’re like anyone who’s anyone starting off from their high school career branching into their college career I am sure you’ve heard the famous response when you’ve been asked what you’re majoring in.

you’ve kindly responded ‘I’m unsure.’ these kind-hearted people have looked at you and said “Just do communications.” 

and I’m sure you’ve rolled your eyes and scuffed it off but maybe reconsider for a moment that there might be a little bit of wisdom behind their advice! 

The Bachelor of Communications Degree truly is a gateway degree, a blending degree that goes well with so many minors, or master programs. 

Because truly at the root of all of it we all can truly stand to communicate better no matter what our preferred profession would be. 

Especially if we aren’t sure what we want to be when we grow up yet. 

So consider choosing Communications, the skills you’ll learn will indeed help you be better no matter if you become a writer, an actor, a scientist, or a teacher. 

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