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Ai Copywriting Tool – Watch Jarvis Write A Cool Featured Article For The LA Tribune

Welcome to the future!!! Ai Copywriting tools are here to stay 🙂

If you’ve been following, you’ll know how excited I get about new tools, better ways to do things, and identifying efficient strategies to generate qualified leads. That same excitement extends into my approach to content writing as well.

Meet Jarvis 🙂

Jarvis is an Ai (artificial intelligence) powered copywriting tool. It’s an amalgamation of all the copywriting best practices you can think of. Jarvis helps me to kick start ideas and conjure up different writing angles very quickly.

In this video, you’ll see exactly how Jarvis and I write an article that will be sent over to The Los Angeles Tribune for publishing.

Ai Copywriting Tool – Jarvis

**consider watching this video in 2x speed**

To get started with Jarvis, use my link to receive an additional 10,000 word credits added to your account:


When you do use my link, send me a message and let me know how you’re liking it…


I’ll also send you an exclusive video training from my celebrity copywriter friend, she’s very very good and drops major copy-bombs in the video.

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How will Ai affect the copywriting industry?

Make no mistake: the future of copywriting will have a lot to do with Ai. Existing copywriters will either adapt and continue working, or they’ll risk becoming completely obsolete.


Let the machines do the hard work, and you reap the benefits:

  • Better content generation capabilities
  • More efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • More time to do higher level thinking and writing

I don’t think Ai will affectionately take over and abolish the need for copywriters.

But I do think that Ai will serve as a major player and be disruptive enough to force its way into becoming part of the writing process.

Welcome to the future 🙂

Disclaimer: My link to Jarvis is an affiliate link

Also…Jarvis helped craft this post as well

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