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copywriting vs content writing

Copywriting vs Content Writing: Learn The Fundamental Difference

Copywriting and content writing are two huge parts of marketing.

It’s easy to think that they’re interchangeable, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Both can be incredibly helpful to a company in ways that will be evident over time, but knowing when to use each type is key.

Copywriting vs Content Writing

copywriting vs content writing


The term “copywriting” can be defined in many ways. What exactly is it?

Well, copywriting is the use of words to communicate a message in order to sell, inform or influence an audience. 

It’s a type of marketing communication that uses words, phrases, and other promotional material to promote products or services. Copywriters must understand their audience’s needs and wants when writing persuasively for them. 

They are also responsible for knowing how best to present information about products or services in written form. 

The goal is to convince readers to either buy something they may not have heard about before or learn more about what you offer, which could potentially lead to sale down the road. 

The goal of copywriting is to get readers to take action – whether it’s clicking on a link, calling a phone number, or ultimately buying something online – so your company can make a profit. 

Content Writing

Content writers are focused on creating engaging, compelling, and informative content that helps your readers achieve their goals. 

They frequently work with bloggers who create blog posts or article writers who write articles that share expert knowledge or teach people how to do something new. 

The goal of this type of writing is to provide information rather than sell a product directly like copywriting would do.

The Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing

Content writing is a subset of copywriting, but what separates it from the latter? 

Content writers are responsible for creating and updating content on websites. They work with editors to create compelling web pages that have the potential to improve traffic and increase conversions.  

In contrast, copywriters write marketing materials such as brochures, catalogs, emails, direct mail pieces, and other advertising material. 

The fundamental difference between these two fields is that one deals with words while the other deals with images. 

The goal of content writers is to produce relevant articles that will not only engage readers but also promote their company’s products or services in some way. 

On the contrary, copywriters use language in an attempt to persuade people into buying something they don’t need by playing upon their interests or wants.

When To Use Which Type Of Writing

When you’re writing, it’s easy to get lost in the details of what you’re trying to say or how you’re trying to say it. But knowing when to choose each one is just as important as knowing what each one does.

Content Writing: Information with no Call-to-Action

Content Writing is mostly used for blogs and articles, which are informative. 

If a visitor comes across an interesting article on your website and it compels them to read it, then it’s considered content. 

If a visitor finds a blog post or a product description interesting and informative, you’ve gained their trust and have probably created value for them.

Content Writing is easier to write than Copywriting because it does not require much creativity. It’s just about conveying information in a way that’s easy for readers to understand.

Copywriting: Persuading Your Audience

Copywriting is basically all promotional content on your website or blog. It could be a single sentence, paragraph, or even an entire page. 

Copywriters use their imagination to create something exciting which will get their readers hooked on what they read. Therefore, your goal with copywriting is to convince them you are worth their money and should be their choice over someone else.

Examples Of Each Type Of Writing In Action

In content writing, you should have a deep knowledge of your subject. It involves taking information from other sources and presenting it in a way that engages a reader’s attention. 

For example, if you were looking for information on a health problem, you’d go to a medical website where they’ve written articles on the topic. 

If you wanted information on how to solve a kitchen problem, you’d go to an advice site like WikiHow or Pinterest where there are instructions for how to do things. 

In copywriting, their primary goal is to sell a product or service. 

For example, if you hold events every year to connect to your community together. Instead of just explaining the events and then listing them out, you’ll begin a section on your website with a simple statement that hits to your target audience and call-to-action buttons.

Pro Tip:

Using words like “imperfect,” “safety net,” and “vulnerable” encourages readers to let their guards down and feel understood by the brand and their community.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Each Type Of Writing Style

The benefits of content writing are:

  • easy and quick to write
  • easy way to create an online presence for your business
  • You can create a website or blog and generate traffic through search engine optimization

Disadvantages of content writing include the fact that it does not directly generate revenue for your business unless you have a sales page on your website that links to an e-commerce site. Content writing also takes time to build up a following and popularity, but if you dedicate yourself to building up a following and creating quality content, then this should not be an issue.

For some businesses, copywriting is a necessity for these reasons:

  • can enhance sales and improve company’s image
  • create and develop a new product from scratch or help enhance an older one
  • refine existing products so that they have a greater appeal to customers

But since copywriters are professional persuaders. If you use them too much, you may risk alienating your audience and adding distrust to your brand’s reputation.

Sometimes, it might make them feel you’re trying too hard and give up on reading all together. The key is to balance informative and persuasive when writing your copy.

So, how do you do this? The best way is to write a copy that focuses on the needs of the reader rather than on how great your product is. By addressing the needs of the readers and answering their questions, they will be more likely to trust and purchase from you.

How To Decide Which Is Right For You And Your Company

The distinction might still not be so clear, but now, there will be no more excuses: the terms are here to stay. 

Once you get past the linguistic nitpicks of who does what and when, you’ll realize that both copywriters and content writers do the same thing—write content.

The best approach is to keep it simple. If your primary goal is to have a text that promotes a company, service or product online, do copywriting. 

If you want articles with catchy headlines and content that sings on the page and online: do content writing, understand SEO copywriting and know how to create true value for readers.


In the end, choose a solution that works best for your unique situation. Never try to compare apples to oranges. 

Just look at your objectives and see if there are any that relate to your products or services. If not, look for the features and see if they apply to your situation. 

Remember that when writing either of these writing styles, you’re doing a business, and customers are often looking for a personal touch.

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