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Developing A Winner Mindset For Outbound Sales

Outbound sales is scary and difficult for most people. Being able to withstand countless rejections is a quality that many good salespeople have. It’s all a mind game. You exercise your brain and make it stronger just like you exercise your body.

When you look at all the top salespeople, they put in massive amounts of time working to develop their mindsets. There can be no consistency without a good mindset, and consistency wins in sales. In this article, I will talk about developing a winner mindset. 

Belief In Your Product or Service

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. If you believe in your product or service, then sales simply become a process of finding the right people to serve. This simple belief will change everything when it comes to your outbound sales. 

Sales are about simply finding people that are a good fit for your service or product. Your service or product is something valuable that you’re exchanging for money. The equation you need to keep in mind is value=money. Once you start thinking about sales that way, the pressure is automatically lifted from your shoulders.

The more value your service provides, the more money you can charge. 

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Reframing Sales

Reframing is something you will need to master if you want to master sales. Not only rejection but everything in sales. The act of selling is simply giving value in exchange for money. If you really believe in your product or service, you will think of it in terms of an exchange.

You are simply exchanging one thing for another. That is why it is very important not only for you to believe in your product or service but to do the math and figure out how much of an impact your product or service can make to your prospects business. How much is your product or service worth? It is likely worth a lot more money than what you are charging! That knowledge in itself should give you a lot more confidence in sales. 

Reframing Rejection

Reframing is important, as well, especially when it comes to thinking about rejection. When someone rejects you, it simply means that either you didn’t use the right messaging/pitch, the product/service isn’t a good fit for them or they aren’t ready to buy. 

You need to think of rejection as simply a signal that something isn’t right, and this means something needs to be changed. It’s just a learning experience. You must learn not to take rejection personally. It’s only feedback with educational value.

When you think of rejection this way, the pressure lifts and you feel much more at ease during sales calls.  Rejection lets you adjust your sales in-process and tweak it. When rejection happens, it’s best to step back and look at why it happened. There is always a reason.

How you can reflect on rejection:

 Firstly, don’t take it personally

  • Analyze what was not right in the steps leading to the rejection:  Look at what answers the prospect gave to your questions, what objections they gave, how you positioned your product/service, where you got the lead, etc.
  • Use the negative feedback to better prepare for rejections next time
  • Realize that you cannot win all (or most) of prospects and always keep in mind that it is a numbers game

Managing Your State of Mind or Mood

Mentally strong salespeople monitor their own thoughts and can separate the bad from the good. They can tell when their excitement level is too high concerning an opportunity and then take it slow and relax. 

They can recover from rejection quickly because they know it is not about them. They know their value because they believe in their product or service.

Being able to manage your state of mind is crucial when it comes to outbound sales. It does take a lot of practice. 

How to manage your state of mood better:

  • Start the day with positive self-talk, affirmations, and your daily, weekly, quarterly goals, etc. This will give you a better perspective in tough times.
  •  Identify what you are feeling first and what situations caused the negative feedback
  • Work on fixing the situations that caused negative feedback (practice responses to objections from prospects)
  • Aim for mood regulation, not mood repression. Don’t try to repress emotions completely. Negative emotions happen. Sales is an emotional roller coaster ride.
  • Always keep in mind that sales is a number game.

Let Go of Your Ego

You have to remember that sale isn’t about you personally. The sale is about whether your product or service is a good fit for the prospect. You have to remind yourself that you are not being rejected as a salesperson, your product or service just isn’t a good fit for the prospect at that time.

People say no when they are not ready to try an opportunity or it’s not a good fit for them. It doesn’t help when a prospect is rude, but the good thing is, most people will reject you politely. Always keep in mind that rejection in business is never personal. Your personal level of self-worth should not be negatively affected just because you are getting negative feedback in sales calls.

Winning Mindset=Winning Sales Person

A winning mindset is not developed overnight, it takes time and constant work. Over time, your mindset and base level of confidence in sales will increase and your results will become more consistent.

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